Why Your Home Could Be the Worst Place to Start Writing


You have an idea for a great story, and you can see it – in your mind. And now you’re ready to put all of those thoughts on paper and construct it into an engaging short story, novel, blog, or whatever type of writing you plan to do. You’re in your bedroom or home office, and you begin writing. But you start to lose motivation, and those creative details that make the story just aren’t flowing. You don’t have writer’s block since you are able to write something, so what could it be? Well, your home environment plays a major role in the writing process – and your home could be the worst place to start your writing projects. 

Too Many Distractions

You may ask yourself, “How can I get distracted in my own home?” The answer is simple: very easily. You may be tempted to watch TV, grab something to eat from the kitchen, or leave the house to hang out with your friends. Or, if your phone is nearby, you may check your Instagram page to read hilarious memes, text your friend about the latest gossip, or tweet about the latest whatever. Basically, if you cannot resist any (or all) of these temptations and balance life’s responsibilities, then you may not be able to concentrate and put your best writing forward.

You’re Too Comfortable

Sitting on your bed with your computer perfectly planted in your lap or placing yourself into your favorite chair in your home office could only relax you – possibly way too easily and too fast. Before you know it, you could be daydreaming about irrelevant things, become lazy, fall asleep, or do absolutely nothing. And now, your creative energy has subsided and your writing project could be put on hold – longer than you expected.

Solution: Be A Little Uncomfortable and Change Your Environment

Go someplace where you don’t have access to all of the conveniences that are in your home, like a park, the beach, library, or maybe even your car. It sounds weird, but writing in an unfamiliar environment can help you stay focused and inspired to be more creative in your writing. Plus, choose a place that you may not be exactly comfortable in but enough where all you would want to do (or can do) is write, like a busy coffee shop, food court at the mall, or the break room at work.

In many cases, ideas for your story come to mind suddenly, so make sure you have a notebook handy so you can jot it down. And those ideas usually pop up when you least expect it – in a different environment that you’re not necessarily comfortable in.

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