Writing Prompts: The First Step to Creating Your Bestselling Book


Let’s say you are new to this thing called writing and have decided to write a book, yet you don’t know how to start it. Or, maybe you already have several written works under your belt and have a sudden urge to write but have no story idea in mind. That’s where writing prompts come into play. 

Writing prompts, which can be one word, a sentence, a paragraph, or image, are topics that help you focus on an idea to write about.  They can help cure the writer’s block syndrome and ultimately provide a ton of inspiration for virtually any fictional writing.

Writing prompts are commonly used in English classes and workshops as warmup exercises, but writers should take advantage of them during any level of the writing process. Learn how to use writing prompts to jump start your writing career and get a head start on writing your best-selling work.

Generate Great Story Ideas

First, choose a writing prompt that interests you and begin to write whatever comes to mind about the topic. As you continue to write, ideas may quickly start to formulate. So the key is to keep writing, even though it may not make sense at first. Before you know it, you will have almost two pages of content, just from one writing prompt. And from that content, you will probably find that there are several great story ideas to choose from, which can be the focus of your next writing project.


Improve Your Writing Techniques

After doing your first writing prompt, try another one. This time, try writing it in a different point of view (POV). Or, try a different tone or style. Or, maybe it could be written from a child’s perspective, in which the language and word usage will change. Whatever technique you choose, keep writing using that technique all the way to the end. Let your response sit for a couple of minutes or maybe a couple of days. Then revisit it, examine how well you used your technique, and find ways of revising it, if necessary.

Make Writing a Daily Habit

Doing writing prompts is one thing, but making time to do them is a different ball game. Oftentimes, you may find yourself wanting to write, but laziness, procrastination, or simply life’s responsibilities take center stage and keep you from writing.

Set aside at least 15 minutes of your day to do a writing prompt. In fact, writing early in the morning is the best time to write. According to The Publication Coach, creativity is most active early in the morning, so find some time right when the sun rises to choose a writing prompt and start writing. Or, if you’re a night person, set aside some time when you get home from work or when your children are sound asleep. The key is allotting time to write and sticking to it. And once it becomes a daily habit, you will write more, develop more ideas, and overall improve your writing.

Where to Find Writing Prompts


Here’s a list of websites where you can find a variety of prompts:

Writer’s Digest

Daily Teaching Tools

Poets & Writers

The Writer

Busy Teacher

Here’s a list of free writing prompt apps that you can download to your device:

Writing Exercises and Prompts

Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts Short Stories

1000+ Writing Prompts

Writelight: Daily Journal Prompts for Free Writing

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