6 Qualities You Need to Self-Publish Your First Book

Honestly, anyone can be a writer. Anyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a cashier, neurosurgeon, hair stylist, janitor, parent, pastor, student, financial analyst, teacher, or firefighter. You have a story to tell. But in order to get your story down on paper (or nowadays, on our digital devices) and to the masses, you need to have all six of these qualities.


#1: Discipline

This is the most important (and most difficult) quality to practice. I think it’s fair to say that no one likes to be disciplined. Think about a time during your childhood when someone scolded you about something you did wrong. You probably didn’t like it, but it taught you how to be a responsible human being. The same applies to writing. Tell yourself to write for an hour and make steps towards actually do it. After all, discipline will keep you in line and will help you stay determined and focused so you can develop a consistent writing lifestyle.


#2: Patience

Every writer wants their book to become a best seller ― right now. But it takes a little bit of patience to see your dreams come into fruition. It may seem like those bestselling authors became sensations overnight. But I’m quite sure that it took a level of faith, patience, and skill for them to hone their craft and actually write a compelling story. Great books take time to develop. So you should know (or learn) how to embrace every achievement (and mistake) you experience during your literary journey ― and have fun while doing it.


#3: Creativity

As a writer, you may have a ton of ideas in your mind, but you may not know how to capture them and piece them together to create a cohesive story. That’s okay! That’s actually the fun part of exercising your creativity in writing, and it’s a must-have in the writing world. Let your imagination run wild. The key is knowing how to utilize different brainstorming techniques that work for you so you can bring your story to life.


#4: Organization

While all of your creative thoughts and story ideas are running wild, you still have to organize them all AND handle life’s responsibilities, like maintaining your home, taking care of your children, and going to work every day. Getting your story ideas (and life) in order is a difficult balance to maintain, but it’s necessary in order to understand your writing purpose. If you don’t balance them correctly, your purpose for writing may become lost, overlooked, and eventually forgotten.


#5: Open-Mindedness

You may have been taught or encouraged to write about what you know or experience, which is great! Keep doing that. But sometimes, writers need to go outside the box and travel through unfamiliar territory. Writing about something that is opposite of your own life’s experiences can be difficult and intimidating. But writing is also a learning experience. Exploring the unknown and picking up something new is a task that all writers need to be willing to experience at some point. It may, in fact, give you new perspectives for your story.


#6: Flexibility

You may have already created a schedule that includes time allotted for working on your next book. Yet, a day will come when a new opportunity will arise ― such as attending a writing conference, participating in book readings, and selling your books at a major event  ― and you may not want to disrupt your current schedule. Every writer should learn how to stick to a schedule while making a couple of adjustments along the way. Be flexible and make time for anything and everything writing related. It can open doors to an endless world of opportunities ― and you’ll be surprised how far those opportunities will take you.