Bird’s Love’s Exclusive Everyday Items for Creatives Set to Debut This Month

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Bird’s Love is excited to introduce two ceramic mugs, a stylish tote bag, and three premium scented candles, all of which strive to inspire creatives and anyone who’s ready to unleash their creativity. 

As an independent publishing company, Bird’s Love understands how a little motivation can go a long way for individuals with a creative mindset. Because of this, it believes there’s a need to create fun products that help provide a relaxing or uplifting environment while working on something big, something amazing, something creative.

“As a writer and editor, I believe it’s important to surround yourself with things that keep your goals and creativity in check,” said Starr T. Balmer, owner of Bird’s Love. “I love mugs, tote bags, and candles, and I couldn’t think of a better way to combine my love for writing and overall creativity with my favorite everyday items that inspire me, as well as other creatives, to do better, think better, and be better.”

And creatives can include anyone who works in creative careers (author, editor, illustrator, designer, hair stylist, artist, fashion designer, seamstress, blogger, copywriter, makeup artist, etc. ) or anyone who engages in activities that require creativity on a regular basis. But the spectrum of creativity stretches into many sectors and industries.

The new products include the following:



Personalized Coffee Mug – DOPE

Let yourself and everyone around you know how amazing and DOPE you really are. This 15 oz. ceramic mug can be personalized to include one word that best describes why you are a DOPE individual. Fill this awesome mug with your favorite tea or coffee or use it as a handy desk organizer. It’s perfect for the workplace.




Ceramic Coffee Mug – I’m More Creative

If you have an inkling of creativity in your body, you probably have at least one go-to beverage to get those creative juices flowing. This fun 15 oz. mug highlights some popular drinks that provide the energy (or relaxation) creatives need to get through those difficult works of art (no judgment here). Its bold text is eye-catching and sure to encourage onlookers to try something new to quench their thirst.




Personalized Tote Bag – Striped with Creativity

This striped, sturdy tote bag is perfect to hold all of your creative tools — and more! Choose a style tote AND add two lines of text that describe who you are. Be creative! 




Scented Candles,  Set of 3 – Sweet & Savory

Surround yourself with a variety of premium scented candles that are perfect for any occasion. Back by popular demand, these candles — Lavender Breeze, Jamaica Me Crazy, and Amber Noir — never lost their touch as they continue to be wonderfully scented and double-wicked to release more of its pleasant aroma and to glow brilliantly in any space.

Products will be available beginning Tuesday, May 14, 2019 at

About Bird’s Love

Bird’s Love is an independent publishing company that crafts the unimaginable from a child’s perspective. Whether it’s a picture book or adult fiction, it strives to indulge readers with children and young adult characters of color who offer unique yet forgotten perspectives that are engaging, entertaining, and thought-provoking. Bird’s Love also provides professional editing services for children’s book authors and fun everyday items for creatives.

Starr T. Balmer