Waiting Until the Last Minute to Market Your Book? Don’t.


Writing a book takes discipline, patience, and creativity. But getting people to actually read it is another ball game. That’s where creating a marketing plan comes into play. But this particular blog isn’t about creating a marketing plan. (Read about marketing plans in next week’s blog.) It’s about utilizing one important element that is crucial to reaching the right readers effectively…

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Avoid Lawsuits: Choose Your Words Wisely


Across the globe, copy editors and designers collaborate efficiently to create detailed marketing pieces for projects and events. Whether you need a simple flyer for a birthday party, invitations for your wedding, or engaging emails and websites for your business, they work together diligently to create eye-catching, error-free collateral that will effectively reach your audience.  However, copy editors will quickly recognize that the copy you’ve provided may be misleading to any audience, ultimately placing you in a possible (and unpleasant) legal situation. Below are three ways you can protect yourself and the ideas you are marketing, while successfully reaching your desired audience.  Continue reading