6 Qualities You Need to Self-Publish Your First Book

Honestly, anyone can be a writer. Anyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a cashier, neurosurgeon, hair stylist, janitor, parent, pastor, student, financial analyst, teacher, or firefighter. You have a story to tell. But in order to get your story down on paper (or nowadays, on our digital devices) and to the masses, you need to have all six of these qualities.

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Market Your Book Successfully By Doing These 6 Things

You may have put your all into creating the most unique story line of all time, in hopes of turning your creative literary work into a best seller. But you may have forgotten (or may be dreading) one important step: creating a marketing plan for your book.

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Had a Crazy New Year’s Eve Experience? Write a Book About It

For New Year’s Eve, you may have planned on having an awesome night by simply drinking and dancing the night way at the hottest club or heading out of town to bring in the new year with some friends and family. But what actually happened may have turned out to be surprisingly odd, crazy, and downright epic, and now there’s no escaping from it. Don’t secretly keep those unforgettable moments in your mind ― transform them into a possible page-turning, best-selling book.
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Don’t Let Any Relative Critique Your New Book — And Here’s Why

You may have worked so hard to complete your story that you are super eager to share it with someone. And with Christmas right around the corner and your family and friends coming into town, you may be thinking how you can ask your fashionable cousin, tell-it-like-it-is grandma, or rambunctious nieces and nephews to get first dibs on reviewing your story. But here’s a little bit of advice: DON’T! And here’s why.

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Why You Don’t Need an MFA in Creative Writing to be a Successful Writer


Earning an MFA in Creative Writing is a great accomplishment. It could definitely help you advance in your writing career. You learn skills you may not have known before. You interact with other aspiring writers who share the same ideas, passions, and struggles. You realize how you can change your story for the better. Overall, learning and development will always be part of a writer’s journey, and an MFA in Creative Writing can get you on that path. Yet, that path is not the only surefire way of becoming a successful writer ―and here’s why.  Continue reading