What’s the Perfect Drink for Creatives?

alcohol-alcoholic-beverage-bar-6027509146925719396202267.jpgEvery creative person has their own way of getting their ideas flowing and their talents out there for the world to see. But we ALL know that consuming certain beverages can really bring out the “creativity in us” in many situations. So, here’s the big question: which drink is best for creatives? Continue reading

Editor’s Pick: Top 5 Foods + Quick Meal Tips For Writers

Fruits_Foods for Writers

There’s nothing worse than having writer’s block with zero energy. Your heart may be encouraging you to pick up that pen and write that book you’ve been meaning to start, but your brain may be telling you otherwise. But don’t worry! Magnesium, folate, omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants ― natural minerals and organic enzymes ― play a major role in the world of writing and thrive in many of the foods we may often ignore. So, check out the editor’s top 5 foods that are perfect for your writing career and learn how you can beat writer’s block while developing the stamina to keep on writing.  Continue reading